Classes in English only individual training! Training program is made according to dog and dog owner`s needs.  Lessons are held in owner`s place or in some other suitable place that we have agreed before.

If you need an individual training for your dog, please contact: info @ or +372 52 08 989









My principles in training dogs:

  • Training is built up logically moving step by step from easyest task to more difficult tasks.
  • 100% partnership. Human and dog are one team. Human emotions and behaviour have direct affect on dog`s behaviour. So, we have to deal with both – human and dog`s behaviour and emotionsTeaching a dog is not only teaching the commands. It is a process where two species (human and dog) learn to know each other and to communicate more effectivly.
  • Human –animal relationship`s basics are trust, respect, loyalty. Without the right values there is no use of any training excercises or tips.
  • Human has bigger responsibility. Today our dogs have to handle many unnatural situations like walking on leash, beeing transported by cars, trains etc, living in houses etc. Human resposibility is to teach the dog how to handle these things.
  • Teaching through positive emotions. Reinforcing the right behaviours with valuable rewards to gain the motivation to learn.
  • Freedom is placed behind dicipline. The better dicipline a dog has the more free and interesting life you can give to him.
  • Dog`s needs has to be fullfilled. These are: excercise in natural enviroment, dicipline, affection.