About me

Kati Ernits

Estonian Kennel Union certified dog trainer, International Dog Trainer`s School certified dog trainer, handler of reading and therapy dog10633141_888892707818255_6204359989131786803_o_2

I started dog training in 2008. I am also carriying out puppy character tests to help future owners choose the right puppy that suits them the best. I have two samoyed dogs. Both are sertified therapy dogs and participate in several programs for children and adolsents. Since the beginning of 2016 I also  train diabetic alert dogs.

Basic education: Human psychology (BA). Main study subject Animal Assisted Therapy.


„Puppy training course“ Gwen Baley (GP)2009
„Obedience seminar“ Vidar Haarberg (Norway) 2009
„Puppy training for future sportdog“ Aivo Oblikas (Estonia) 2009
„Play-and instinct seminar“ Juha Korri (Finland) 2009
„Feeding sportdogs“ Ain Reppo (Estonia) 2010
„Tracking lecture“ Aivo Oblikas (Estonia) 2010
„Dog developement and behaviour“ Kersti Seksel (Australia) 2010
„How to feed the dog?“ dr.Merle Valdmann (Estonia) 2011
„Dog`s behaviour“ Tiia Ariko (Estonia) 2011
„Estonian Kennel Union Basic course for dog trainers“ 2012
„Special course for samoyed breed“ Tuula Bratt (Finland) 2012
„Dog Management“ Gerard O`Shea (Ireland/Sweden) 2012
„LIVE Seminar in Helsinki “Trust Your Instincts” Cesar Millan 2012
„Dog Show training“ Gerard O`Shea (Ireland/Sweden) 2012
“Dog handling Gerard O`Shea (Ireland/Sweden) 2012
„Training for sleddogs“ Ülle Aaslav-Kaasik (Estonia) 2013
„How to be a good trainer?“ Kristi Raava (Estonia) 2013
“Dog behaviour” Dr.Kersti Seksel, Dr. Gaille Perry (Australia) 2013
„First Aid for dogs“ Dr. Sigrid Lapp (Estonia) 2014
„Basic course for Human Animal Interaction“ Kristi Raava (Estonia) 2014
“Dog management”, “Dog handling” Gerard O` Shea (Iirimaa/Rootsi) 2014
„How to teach a dog?“ Urve Lageda (Estonia) 2014
“Animal Behaviour and Welfare” University of Edinburgh 2014
„How to solve a problem behaviour?“ Alla Petrova (Estonia) 2014
„Dog massage course“ M.I. Massaazikool, dr. Irina Bukk (Estonia) 2014
Dog trainer`s course in International Dog Trainers School Lisbeth Borg de Waard (Norway) 2015-2016
“Diabetic alert dogs training program” Hypokoira Ry (Finland) 2015-2016